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Saving a project inside a group causes group to close


There is a sort of annoying bug that has popped up since the "group" update the other day.

How to re-produce.

1) Make project, use engine that doesn't have search engines, where the warning dialog doesn't pop up.
2) Put project inside of a group
3) Put that group inside of another group
4) Change project URL
5) Press save

Now, the "root group" closes, forcing you to re-open it after every save. Can this bug be fixed? It's an extra click that is frustrating since I change my anchors manually when posting to this specific engine.



  • Also another bug to report:

    How come sometimes when using translation, parts of the article don't translate even if all proxies pass GTranslate test? I use the #trans_en_de macro in small sections i.e., only 2-3 paragraphs at once to avoid the limits, but not sure if that helps at all.

  • SvenSven
    issue from original post should get fixed on next update
    big parts of text are split up into sentences where they get translated one after another to stay under the allowed text limit. If one of these parts are not translated for whatever reason, it is taking the original content.
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