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Cannot Connect GSA Captcha Breaker Windows 10

I am trying to launch the GSA Captcha Breaker but it does not work. It shows an error.

I have disabled Anti-virus. I have installed and run both GSA Ser and GSA Captcha Breaker as Admin. Still no luck. I appear to have no programs running. What I need is for GSA Captcha Breaker to run and the failed captchas should go to Death By Captcha.

Please help with this config.



  • Ahh please disregard my message. I think I got it working. :) Just had to add the the GSA Breaker in the GSA SER config. 
  • SvenSven
    Yes, but thats not solving the error really. You can however disable the webserver option in Captcha Breaker as SER will work without that.
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