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STEPs managing PBN with GSA (real dummy user)

freelinefreeline jakarta
edited March 2019 in Need Help
Hiii all GSA Expert,

1st time using GSA and never used others similiar kinds of SEO tools before too.

read around and googling around found out that we can use GSA SER to do post for PBNs ( is this true and can work out?)
if Yes,

lets say i have 100 PBN (self hosted domain), post and submit article to each of it everyday.
i wish to use GSA to ease and reduce the time to login into each PBN and copy paste the articles 1 by 1.

i mean like a list of 100 PBNs with username and password and 1 folder with 100 articles inside whether in excel/ notepad form (any form supported by GSA SER)

but have no clue at all how to create the PBN list (in .txt / .sl format) and where to put it.

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