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GSA SER What path to sitelist_*.txt??

OlegKOlegK Russia
edited March 2019 in Need Help
Help me please. 
I parse URL CMS of Bing.
Saved them by file. How to find out how to TXT NAME them? sitelist_??NAME??.txt
What path save to sitelist_*.txt??

I understood. All URL Import Options->Advanced->Tools->Import URLs (Identify)

But what to do with "Unkown" URLs? If I know for sure URL = CMS? I can add the URL itself to the corresponding sitelist_ *.txt? Or GSA SER will not post as GSA SER could not determine CMS (Options->Advanced->Tools->Import URLs (Identify))?


  • OlegKOlegK Russia
    How to fix if GSA SER identifies URL of CMS (engine) incorrectly?
  • SvenSven
    you can add that to the site list but SER will always try to identify that again. So it makes little sense here.

    It makes more sense to maybe send me the URL and I try to improve the engines itself that they understand that site correctly as well.
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