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Using multiple e-mail accounts in the project



  • another question (think, this wasnt answered anywhere else otherwise plz forgive me ;-)

    found out, that my 1k hotmail accounts are everytime skipped, when they are in the verification mode (bye the way, most projects are everytime in the verification mode, also most of non-re-verified-projects) -> threatcount is only around 20-30 threads all the time, thats shit!)

    what does this mean?

    1. hotmail accounts skipped, cause hotmail is seen as ONE email-provider/server an i have checked "dont login when last login was within 15 min" ? (before i used catchall an everyting was mostly fine)
    2. better use proxies in email setings? (momently 1st,3rd,5th buttons are checked like in default)

    thanks so far

  • Great news @sven,
    I'll keep using the public proxies for submission then, until it's in place.
    Thanks already!
  • SvenSven
    @klaus007 hard to follow your text. Whats the actual question here? Of course the program is not verifying many accounts if you turn the option on to wait 15 minutes between logins.
  • sorry for my bad english! ;-)

    when have i do turn the option "wait 15 min between logins" ?
    will SER skipp ALL hotmail accountSSSSS for 15 mins, if i use 1k of them, or will it only skipped previously used hotmail account for 15 and check the other NOT used hotmail accounts between these 15 mins?

    have i to use proxies enabled for email login with 1k hotmail accounts or is that no problem with hotmail so far?

    thanks, otherwise i write you in german ! ;-)
  • SvenSven
    That check is done against the part. 
  • edited March 2013
    okay...thanks sven!

    whats then the best option setting with 1k hotmail accounts?

    15 min UNCHECKED
    use Proxies CHECK (or dont i need proxies checked cause its no problem for hotmail? or will they ban than my accounts?)


  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I don't use hotmail, others might help.

    just got email this mornign from them saying they now have gmail account creation and bypass sms checking.

    Havent tried it, anyone else tried it?? got options on it?
  • On live projects, if I replace multiple mailnesia emails with new hotmail accts, will SER continue to verify the links that were built using the mailnesia emails?
  • @Zeusy This look like a scam.
  • k, guess il not signup then:)
  • @davbel, good question. I'm worried disabling any blacklisted emails will stop verification of thousands of links already submitted. Can @sven please clarify. Thanks!
  • @davbel and @Mitch see also my question on march 15th in this thread + answer Sven on 17th
  • SvenSven

    If you remove a blacklisted email it is of course not able to check the emails. So in your case I would do a verify only for emails and than when done stop the project, remove emails and load the some new.

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