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Captcha breaker freezing and SER getting stuck at 31 threads on windows 16

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Since the 13.28 version of GSA ser , i have been getting this error in GSA ser  "Gsa Captcha Breaker: Please start search engine ranker as admin!"   and at the same time captcha breaker stops solving the captchas , freezes and sometimes error window comes up . Both ser, cb have been run as admin.

 This happens within few minutes of starting, running both SER, CB at over 200 threads OS is win2016, 64 bit, i7, 16 gb ram from Hetzner, contabo both german.

 SER gets stuck at 31 threads everytime and CB is frozen with/without error code. When this started happening CB bug report showed error that has something to do with  Invalid window handle, system error, error code 1400( checked it was something to do with multithreading). Error Screenshot attached, first appeared on 22-24 feb , it doesn't come up that frequently  like it was but the problem is still the same.

Server was formatted , changed servers but still this is happening. There could be issue with one server but not 2 new server with fresh windows 2016 installations.

ser alone works fine with 2 captcha alone, 2 captcha setting was done in ser. CB was not started.

Catchall from different providers and real emails both are causing problems on over 200 threads. It is working fine with free emails created within ser  . Could this be german hosting blocking bulk email checking ?. Does it need some particular windows service ?

There is a Regularity like getting stuck at 31 threads everytime, problem happening when catchall, real emails are used, ser working fine with 2captcha. 

Sven looked in the server few days ago but couldn't find a bug. 

Is anyone facing this when running windows 2016 ?



  • SvenSven
    hmm thats still the old screenshot you sent has been fixed a long time ago. What you get should be of another issue Im not aware of.
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    Problem than and now is still the same as far as error message in search engine ranker is concerned. Only difference is, the error window is not appearing now but same error is still there. 

     CB still freezes like it was and SER gets stuck at 31 threads , so nothing has changed. But if i am the only one getting this than , will have to look at canadian or US server , atleast outside europe  because of strict CAN-SPAM laws in europe.
  • is there anybody running SER ,CB on hetzner or contabo and not having problems ?
  • SvenSven
    Its an error ok, but a totally different one (I got your reports). As written to you in email, I will debug this on Monday and see if I can reproduce this over here.
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    Found another thing i am not  getting this error when using public proxies for submitting, verifiying, checking emails, search engines. When using public proxies, i can use catchall with out getting any error. Really Strange. I checked with private proxies from several good providers.
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  • Hello i'm also facing this problem within few minutes of starting GSA SER and CB. Running at 500 thread 300 proxies, Windows server 2008 Xeon server 16gb ram from soyoustart.

    Both started with admin, this server only run SER and CB, CB stucked and not response, so i need to kill it in task manager, CB is at 25% CPU Usage everytime it stucked.

    another server which only run SER and 2Captcha don't have this problem. 
  • SvenSven
    When that happens (25% cpu usage on CB), is it still reachable on GUI (accepts mouse clicks)?

    Do you get a bugreport window on that freeze?
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    @Cting  server that is having problems is in german datacenter ?.

    Server that is not having problem, which country is that server in ?

    @sven does CB need some specific windows service to be running in the background.
  • SvenSven
    nothing required at all.
  • I have checked on canadian, US server same problem is occurring on those servers as well.

    Certainly it is the software issue since version 13.28 of ser.

  • SvenSven
    So you think it's SER's fault not CB since CB hangs?
    I did a long test run today with latest versions of both, 400threads and a lot captcha activities for over 2 hours. No memory leaks or exceptions...all fine for me so far.
  • @Sven When it hangs CB won't accept clicks, UI is blank too, i need to kill it in task manager, no bug report screen.

    @ksatul both server on France
  • SvenSven
    @Cting I try to look into this today.
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    @sven you have my server login details since 3 mar and every time you log in you say it is working fine . I have left so many messages that problem occurs when more than 200 threads are run but it always happens when 400 threads are run, You will see the error in few minutes or at max 45 minutes.

    I have tested it on 4 different servers 2 in germany , 2  in us, canada, why i am getting this problem on all these servers with win2016, win2012. 

    why this is happening when CB is running, why this is not happening with 2 captcha .

    Looks like there isn't a solution coming as the copy of ser, cb that i have is the only one causing problem, RIGHT ?.
  • SvenSven
    Common, now whats this? I can understand you are angry, but please don't put it out on me. You write to me by email and on forum. One would think, that it's enough to do one or the other.

    This is not helpful at all and switch from here to there and solve things.
    Yes I was on your VPS and every time I got there, it was running fine. Even for a long run it worked for me. I took your config on my system and it worked there as well.

    One time you even mentioned it has nothing to do with CB but emails. So it's hard to debug things if you don't even know what problem you have.

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    So it's hard to debug things if you don't even know what problem you have.

    CB freezes, ser gets stuck at 31 threads when cb freezes.  I have been writing this since 8 march. Isn't that a problem ?

    Ok, i see you have a problem with me emailing you. I will just write on the forum.

    i was only reporting what i was seeing, be it proxy, emails etc

    regarding emails .i am not the developer, i  only reported what i was seeing. All the issues are still there, where i have mentioned that public proxies, emails , it still is the same way.

    You logged in to my vps but did you run it over 400 threads, if you had you will see the error and judge for yourself what could be the issue. This could have been resolved by now. WHy do you want to debug on my opinion, you have login details and you can login and see it yourself.

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    if you see running ser at 400 threads, try it at 500, 600 , ser will start showing errors very quickly.

    I am also getting another issue in ser that  CAPTCHA BREAKER NOT USED FOR SITES WITH PR- ?.  I have setup PR 0-8  in settings. IS this about PR n/a ?

  • Yes I'm also facing the same issue of CB getting freezed very fast.
  • @sunnyjk is SER also getting stuck, please check the number of threads in SER when CB freezes
  • @ksatul No SER doesn't getting stuck. Only CB freezes and have to use task manager to kill CB process. I'm running SER at 500 threads. Have checked 2 options as follows:
    1. Latest version of CB with old SER - Works perfectly
    2. Latest Version of SER with other captcha tool - Works perfectly
    3. Both CB and SER's latest version - CB freezes

    Rest all settings remain same in all cases
  • SER remains responsive but as long as cb is frozen , i see threads in ser to be 31. IS this happening with you too ?

    Which old version of ser is working for you ? do you have that .exe ? 
  • SvenSven
    @kstul yes I run your VPS with 400 threads for a long problem seen there when I was logged in. When ever I was on that VPS, it looked fine to me. Just message me when it is still having that errors. That would help.

    The reason why I would like to run it on my system to reproduce this is obvious. To run it in my debugger and see the problem in the code when it happens.

    Now can we get back to a more moderate tone and solve the issue?

    I also can't see why you two have the problem alone. Also this combination of just SER+CB in latest version have issues is strange to me.
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    @sven that error comes up all the time . Do you have old version of ser ? 13.25 

  • SvenSven
    no, I don't keep old versions.
    with error you mean that error line in log? Till now I thought you where getting some exception.
  • i get exception sometimes when i leave it unattended for a day.

    First that error message in log starts coming up , than CB freezes. If i don't close CB with task manager than error window will come up. Time is varying from few minutes to 45-50 minutes.
  • SvenSven
    Im on that VPS again now, running CB in debug mode.....I keep it running till it freeze for me and debug then.

    You can ignore the log error message then...thats fixed in next update, but that freez of CB is the only issue then here.
  • edited March 2019
    let me know when you finish with the dedi server
  • SvenSven
    im off, it's 10pm here so I will continue tomorrow. Right now I am running debug versions there and hope they stay active till tomorrow.
  • okay thanks, i will leave the debugger running. 
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