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What exactly is that "T:" on the bottom left of the Website contact app?

I see this:

T: 3|10
P: 1|0

^^ What does it mean?  What is that number 3 ? 

I have 1 rotating proxie to handle 10 threads for scraping
I can use up to 40 threads for sending the contact form.


  • SvenSven
    T = Running Threads [ Check/Send| Search ]
    P = Active Proxies (Private, Public)
  • What does the 3|10 means after the T?

    What does the 1|0 means after the P?
  • SvenSven
    Arg, I wrote that already above...
    T: first number is threads for checking/sending, second number is amount of search tasks
    P: first number is private proxies, second, public
  • I see.

    If I am only doing scraping to find websites, shouldn't that 3 be a 0? 

    I noticed a constant 3 during scraping, and the other number might change from 4 to 10 but usually stay in the higher level.

    My setup is 10 thread for scraping, and 40 for sending.

    Right now I am at T:40|0  when checking sites.   Is that consider scraping? 
  • It's interesting that when the system is finished it reads:

    T: 3|0 
    P: 1|0

    I only have 1 proxie in which I run 10 threads for scraping, and 40 for sending.  It makes sense to see a 1 after the P.

    I am not sure what that number 3 next to the T is indicating as the program is stopped. 

    I just finished sending and it was reading  T:40|0 which would be 40 threads for sending and 0 for checking.

    But when I am scraping for sites the 3 stays there while the other number goes from around 4 to 10. 

  • SvenSven
    you are still mixing things up. T:40|0 means 40 for checking/sending and 0 for searching new targets.
  • Why does it stay at T: 3|0 when is not doing anything? 

    That number 3 stays there when I am doing scraping too. Why would  stay solid in that position? 
  • SvenSven
    sort the url list by status and check if some items are busy.
  • I re-started it. 

    It went back to 0.

    I am happy not to see it for some reason.
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