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manual engine selection


I have the same captcha, but the CB is trying to solve them with different engines:
1) CodeProject CAPTCHA (type 2) - rate of 0%
2) - a 100%

I can specify in the settings so that CB recognizes all captcha from
or remove the CodeProject CAPTCHA (type 2) method ?



  • SvenSven
    you can uncheck that unwanted captcha type and then in option check "treat unchecked captcha types as not present"
  • I turned off all engines except
    but for some reason this engine cannot solve this captcha

    can you help me? why doesn't it recognize captcha?

    Attachments - captcha which the CB could not solve. Filename = Answer.
  • SvenSven
    well the success rate is not 100% so you can not expect it to solve everything here.
  • of course.
    but I say that the software either gives 100% or 0% (unable to solve this captcha)
    in the case of 0%, the program does not even try to offer an answer. maybe a little tweaking is needed, and the program will see these captchas.
    you can help?
  • SvenSven
    well what you mean with "try"? It is always trying to solve a captcha...just that it will not deliver the result if it can e.g. not find all the digits as it would not make much sense guessing here. But even then Im sure that some of the answers are not correct either.

    I have however updated the captcha type for the next update.
  • I mean - the software does not give an answer. in the logs writes - "unable to solve this captcha".
    if the software gave the wrong answer - I would understand. but there is no answer at all.
  • SvenSven
    have a look at the "correct answers"...two of them are not correct either. And it if gets worth and OCR engines e.g. deliver a none-convert-able char like "F" that can not be translated to some number, it is not giving any answer at all.
  • Yes, I see
    I just want to understand - why in half the case software does not give any answer? only "unable to solve this captcha"

  • SvenSven
    double click on it and you load it in SDK ... then you see the different OCRs and there answers.
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