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can't add email to ser "all failed"

seoersseoers indonesia
edited February 2019 in Need Help
can't add email to ser "all failed"
please help me see this message
you can test this email //removed//
please help me


  • SvenSven
    I tested that here and I get as error message:
    -ERR Message 1 expunged.

    A quick search on this error gave me this:

    The definition of the word expunge is

    1. to delete or erase; blot out; obliterate

    2. to wipe out or destroy

    That pretty much explains it. When you delete or move mails from a folder (fx INBOX) the actual mails are still there within the folder-file but now marked for deletion. When you expunge or compact a folder it is rewritten to a new folder WITHOUT the deleted /moved mails The old folder is then deleted and the new is given the old name.

    There is no way to reverse this. But for a mail to be expunged it has to be either deleted or moved. And you have to set it up in account-settings/server settings.

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