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Looking for solutions on 2 tasks

Hi there,

i was wondering if there's a way to do the 2 following things, knowing that i did not find anything so far, but maybe i missed it.

1. concerning the size of the articles, i would like to order by words size. Actually it's quite painfull to deal with it because it seems impossible to remove texts<XXX words. If i click on "size", that will take the amount of paragraph, then the amount of sentences then the amount of words.

2. the other thing is about the export. Let's say that i've got 300 articles then i spin them with spinrewriter. Is that possible to export only 1 version of each text as an article, without spin syntax. It's possible to export the same article, the master spun but so far, i was unable to find a way to select 300 spun articles then "export 1 version of each article, spun and without spin syntax"



  • SvenSven
    1. Next update lets you sort by that over popup menu
    2. that should be easy. When selecting the articles, export and choose some template with "no spin" in name. That will export the article without the spin and of course just that one.
  • drixxdrixx thailand
    Hi Sven, thanks for the answer. Indeed i could have found 2 by testing it but i misunderstood it ^^ i thought it would export the original article :D
  • drixxdrixx thailand
    hi there, i'm back for another question concerning the spun content export.

    Is there a way to export a [no spin, no html, no original content] in order to make the exported article the most unique as it could be? otherwise no worries, i'll export them manually but if such option exists, that will make me save a lot of time :D

  • SvenSven
    why not simply use the option to "remove original spin" from articles after spinning?
  • drixxdrixx thailand
    The reason for that is if i want to reuse an article multiple times, some including the original and some without, for different reasons (because indeed there's a technical reason behind that point).

    But anyway i can do it this way as you say, it just would be great if we could choose, during the export, to include or not the original content in order to keep the master as it is.
  • SvenSven
    you can duplicate the project, modify the spin based on your needs (automatically using right click on article) and you would have two projects, one with and the other without spin/original spin.
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