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Using New Copy Function in SER for popups when Making Accounts

I happened upon this....well, this is a translation, in part...

"...Please go to google to search for "printer folder in the folder" to the web "printer ink refill in place of info" Go to the bottom of the page Copy the MST code and add the '55' number behind as the answer."

I did those searches. Nothing crazy found. :(

Was fun trying, tho...

Even if mistranslated, the idea of weird "Quest-Type" CAPTCHAs seems cool. Make the user search for stuff, solve off-page puzzles...get part of answer from the page (like this example).

I know REcaptcha V2 is like this, but it's always the same few types of solving.

This QuestCAPTCHA would require the user to be very active and search for the answer elsewhere on the Internet or web site. hahahah :p :p :p

Only the very dedicated will ever sign
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