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Improvement For Email Verification

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests
Hi @Sven,

I wanted to know can you please make 3 tweaks to save everyone some time when trying to add emails?

1) Can you make it so GSA automatically formats the email list to the correct format?


All email list sold on fiver etc.. comes like this:



Since all of the list usually comes in this format I would think that it would be fairly easy for GSA to automatically add the pop 3 server and the SSL.

You can let the user import the list in the standard way (as shown above) and they can simply highlight all the emails once imported and manually input the pop3 server and SSL option. That way ALL emails get updated with this one action and you don't have to go through the list and do them one by one.

2) Can you add a global email list option? 

Meaning all you would have to do is is upload one email list and it will be used across ALL projects so it acts like a master list. I would assume that means you would have to add an option in the settings:


You could have a 3 step process:

-Import the list, all emails are green
-When an email is being used by a project it turns yellow (GSA will not use the email anymore since its being used by another project)
-Once an email is blacklisted it turns red and will automatically be deleted based of the intervals the user sets.



As we all know, with email providers like hotmail, you can add ails emails:

If you decided to add an new section: Option > Settings > Email, you can add a "radio button" which would then create alias of each email imported.

This will save people a great amount of money since now they have 5x as much email than they had before (I think hotmail limits you to 5 ails per year).

So a list of 500 emails would now equal to 2500 emails, etc..

Hope you really think about implementing these features, or you could simply release it as a separate tool (there is currently no tool on the market which dose this right now) .

Best Regards,



  • SvenSven

    1) added

    2) no global email list sorry

    3), too special

  • Regarding # 1
    Actually not all lists from fiverr etc are provided in the format: Some are simply <email>:<password>, e.g.

    @ Sven. Would it be possible to import using this format too?
  • SvenSven
    yes next version understands this as well
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