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Captcha Breaker ZERO Images Solved In 4 Days? ..Error: " "expected ID for captcha status not found"

edited February 2019 in GSA Captcha Breaker
My Captcha breaker recognized 0 images and did NOT resolve any in the past few days, and give this error:
 "expected ID for captcha status not found"

How can I fix this?  Thanks.


  • CB is opened but there were NOT ONE image that were solved and it just sits there... I have the most updated version of SER and CB.  I tried both run as webserver and unchecked that as well, and it still doesn't work... anyone know how to fix this? thx
  • @Sven - pls advise thx
  • I ran CB under administrator and that solved the issue! lol... 
  • SvenSven
    CB is automatically running as admin, you should make sure SER is running as admin as well then.
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