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Certain accounts not exported

I've manually checked all the SERengine ones, but there might be more:
At least Bravenet and Slashdot accounts are not being exported. 

I select all of my projects, do a Modify Project > Export > Account Data and take care not to check "just verified" or only certain engines", and search the result: no Bravenet or Slashdot accounts at all.
But when I go through all the verified URLs (thank God there is a sorting by engine), I find quite a lot of them. And when I manually check the project.static files, I also find the account data there.


  • PS the verified URLs in case of bravenet are "*", in case some other user wants to check theirs...
  • SvenSven
    I guess thats something @James from has to debug as this is all part of the scripting.
  • Thanks, didn't know the export is in the script as well. 
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