Russian language support

Hello dear author of these preograms and all forum participants.
You write very cool programs, but the problem is that there are difficulties with translating them into Russian, for a deeper understanding of all the processes of the programs.
Your programs are known in the whole world and in Russia and Ukraine (from where I myself) are also trying to use your products. But, again, difficulties with translation, technical translations greatly complicate the understanding, logic and essence of working with your software.
Could you implement Russian-language support in your programs, translation of functions, and so on.
Believe me, you would have added a lot of customers who would buy your programs with great pleasure.
I personally have already bought 3 programs and are thinking about buying a captcha breaker.
Please listen to this proposal - it will be beneficial for everyone to work with you.
Sorry for my English....


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    With Russian support you probably mean that the GUI is in your language right? Thats a bit complicated as the translation would cost us a lot of time.

    Also my Russian is not the best even though I had this for longer in School than English but a none spoken language is soon to be forgotten. That makes it all hard to maintain this on updates. Im sorry but we need to keep it English only. We are not even translating it into German (my first language) to speed things up.
  • I understand you.
    It's a pity...
    Thank you for quickly responding.
    Have a nice day!!!
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