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Working project results on verification and follow no follow

So I started 2 projects by accident.

The first project was an incomplete project that I was working on showed 8 submited and 5 verified, and a few numbers on the follow no follow list.

The second project that was finished and meant to run is showing 21 submitted and 0 verified with nothing on the dofollow no follow display.

How soon should I be able to see the results on verified submissions and DoFollow list?

Also.. I noticed there were other programs that open automatically, but then I closed them and they haven't showed up again. I am not sure what programs were those and/or how to make it work again if I need them.


  • SvenSven
    well this is little to no detail to help your on your problems. I guess the program that opened was either "GSA Captcha Breaker" or "GSA SEO Indexer". And that they open is normal and in your settings.

    If projects stop by themselves then usually because of no working proxy being left or you set it up like that.
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