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How to add a gmail to the GSA Ranker.

I created a new Gmail account. 

the setting from Gmail are:
SSL yes
Port 995
then is the username and password.

POP enabled for all mail.

It doesn't say POP3, but its just POP

I put that information in the Engine Ranker but when I test it it gives me error. 



  • SvenSven
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    Sven said:
    As of 30th May, Gmail no longer accepts GSA SER as Google changed their terms ( ) is there or will be a fix for this? Thanks.
  • SvenSven
    switching the protocol to IMAP should work.
  • Sven said:
    switching the protocol to IMAP should work.
    Tried and worked. Also, POP3 still works when it was supposed to not work since the deadline ( yesterday ).
  • Sven said:
    switching the protocol to IMAP should work.
    Tried IMAP today and it seems like it stopped working.

    Also, says that this setting is no longer available.

    Any fix for this or should we move to another mail provider? Thanks
  • SvenSven
    I have no solution right now as I use the latest ssl libs and don't know why it would not be secure.
  • Is there solution for this?

    I know for using in say javascript node project you could use with setting app password and using that. But now even manually I turn everything off security wise and tick on never ask me on this device again, but it still makes you get passcode from a phone number.

    Is there maybe a way to use and set cookies for gmail profile logins and or usig extra "params" in request to pass bot protection i wonder which can be used in SER somehow?

    Or would take advaced function like using an Esim or something which could catch error and grab passcode from that number and login. Guess I have something else to test/learn.
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