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Hardware required and internet speed to make the most of GSA Website Contact software


As I am a reseller of servers and network hardware and I am a real fan of this software, I would like to dedicate a machine and I would have liked to know what you advise me in terms of processors, RAM and graphics card.

Knowing that I have a lot of material that I do not use and I would like to assemble an ultra powerful server to make the most of the software.

Last question: how many threads at the same time maximum and what speed of internet connection required

Thank you in advance for all this information and congratulations for your software, they are really very useful and powerful at the same time!


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    Graphics card is negligible.   Onboard graphics is fine, GSA isn't using much graphics processing. 

    2GB of memory minimum would be ideal, 3 or 4GB would be better. 

    Internet connection depends on how many proxies and connections your using.  Most of my servers run at least 100Mbit and they are plenty fast enough, but 100Mbit even, that can mean a lot of things in a server environment, like a 100mbit port, how much of its guaranteed? 

    Also how fast are the proxies?

    Whats the max simultaneous connections of the proxies?

    If your proxies limit you to 10 max connections per proxy (market standard), and you have 5 proxies, you can only use 50 connections. 

    If your proxies can't push more then 2Mbit per proxy and you have 5 proxies, you can't use more then 10Mbit (give or take) anyway. 

    The answer is "it depends". 

    Memory is the big one, if you have to spend money spend it on memory first and processor second and most of the time if your getting a server the internet connection is sufficient. 

    If you have great memory and processor, then bandwidth and hard drive space are a concern, as if you get into massive lists of urls/domains it can eat up hard drive space. 
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