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Need to know few things about GSA SEO indexer

HI guys! I'm going to purchase GSA SEO indexer for index my created backlinks fast ( Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 )
Pardon me because I'm a totally noob for GSA tool.

My questions....

1. is their any list already available in this GSA SEO indexer tool to send my back links? 

2. is their any proxy list want to use with this? if yes where I can get that list?

3. How much time it will take to index backlinks? lets thinks I'm indexing 100 links.

4. is that OK if I try to index tier 1 links with GSA SEO indexer?

5. Where I can find a good noob friendly guide for using GSA SEO indexer.?

6. Do I have to buy other products also to work with GSA SEO indexer? can I use this tool to index my own creating backlinks?

kindly help me guys.....


  • SvenSven
    1. yes it's a fixed set of sites to be used
    2. I don't think proxies are required. You can however use the internal proxy scraper
    3. depends on threads, pc, cpu, network speed and the link itself (quality). I can not give numbers
    4. yes
    6. yes
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  • In addition to Sven's authoritative answer:
    3. there's two time frames in play: the program running through 100s of requests per one of your links: that's usually quite fast, on my cheap VPS with lots of things running in parallel, it's a bit more than 1 link per minute.
    The other time frame is when Google indexes your page. That can be within a few minutes, days or never. The program only stacks the cards in your favour.
    6. because it's a double question: no - GSA SEO Indexer can work as a standalone product. and yes - you can feed it your own links.
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  • Thank you so much Sven wolfvanween  guys for your answers. thanks again.
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