How many T1s are sufficient?

I know this is a question so ill-defined and lacking in specifics that  maybe it's unanswerable.

But I wanted to know what the minimum number of T1s you guys build, when choosing to use an SEO tactic that involves purchasing/building T1s that link to your site(s).

I guess, as long as it's topically OK, you can use a T1 to point to more than one of your target sites, too, conserving resources...


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    Easy to answer: 0. Zero. 
    That is the minimum number. 

    If your content is uniquely answering a question people ask Uncle Google, you'll rank #1 without doing abso-fuckin-lutely anything.
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    Hmm...Not what I was expecting, but I love this answer. :) 

    I'll go with that. lol

    Actually, I've been focusing tons lately on site improvements of all types. Why backlink a site that can be organically improved just by altering the site itself?  Seems this is often overlooked...

    I'll create T1s as I intended - T1s that serve other purposes - in and of themselves, I guess. 

    As I accumulate and develop more T1s, great. 

    But I get the point...thinking of SEO in wrong way yields chaos and confusion ....thx
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