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captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
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The most stable and accurate automated captcha recognition service in the Internet market today. Supported captcha types includes 30,000+ image captchas, reCAPTCHA v2 & v3 including invisible reCAPTCHA.

A+ Integration

Our service is fully integrated in many major applications.

API Service

We serve our clients with a stable and fast API service.

A+ Support

We give our clients premium & professional support 24/7.

PLANS STARTS at $11/mo. ONLY! See for more information.

PM me for discounts. 8-) 


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  • All GSA users please proceed to to claim your 10% discount coupon.
  • is there a money back guarantee, if i don't like your service ?
  • Yes we do have a 24 hours money back guarantee...
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    CAPTCHAs.IO has recently implemented the Daily Solves limit per subscription plan. See their website for more details.
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    Our servers are now 100% stable and 1000% more faster than ever. We would like to thank you for keeping us as your captchas solving partner.

    With this our services are becoming more and more in-demand to end-users. We would like to invite you first hand to please upgrade your account subscriptions now before you become late in acquiring fresh services from our newly upgraded server network.

  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    Audio captchas now supported..
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    Welcome to CAPTCHAs.IO and now I would like to inform you that we have a new offering. The dedicated API service endpoint package.

    What is it all about? Well, if you want to have your own dedicated API endpoint to have solo advantage over other users then this is right for you. How? If you subscribe to any ULTIMATE #2 and #3 packages you gain access to a special API endpoint (domain of your choice) which connects to a dedicated server.

    reCAPTCHA solving time for dedicated service API endpoints is 10 to 60 seconds ONLY and Image CAPTCHAs having 0 to 2 seconds only.

    Well, your choice of service just upgrade to any ULTIMATE #2 and #3 packages and we will customize your account.

  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines

    Welcome to CAPTCHAs.IO and today I'd like to invite everyone to see the new "control panel" system built for ease of use and pro member UI. 

    To get a peek of our new CP please log in here


  • sounds interesting make a purchase today. hope it will save a lot of time
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    Thanks! You can get 10% discount at
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    Added support for elite HTTP proxies. These proxies are also added to you account on selected subscription packages... for details see under Pricing...
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines

    The Mega #1 plan for $99.95 / mo.
    100 threads and unlimited solves and 20 elite proxies!


    reCAPTCHAs solve rate 20s to 80s on ave.
    Normal image CAPTCHAs solve rate 0s to 2s on ave.​
  • Introduction

    The Reseller API is a RestFul Web Service API that serves users for white-labelling CAPTCHAs.IO offered services. The API offers methods that provides a way for our services to be catered to resellers wanting to offer CAPTCHA solving service to end-users at their own logo.


    1. CAPTCHAs.IO Reseller Account - Register and create an account at .

    2.  - is free to join and a very convenient payment solution.


    1. Pay as you go payment scheme.

    2. Unlimited daily solving.

    3. Base price rate is $1.4 per 1000.

    4. Supports image, reCAPTCHA, and audio captchas.

    Complete CAPTCHA Solving Service Website

    We can create for you a complete CAPTCHA solving web service website solution that accepts customers and has its very own API. Please email or contact Glenn through skype: isnare.glenn
  • can I learn more about the refund policy?
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    can I learn more about the refund policy?
    Sure what is it that you want to learn more? You can also message me in Telegram +639277002240
  • IS A SCAM !!! I signed up, tried it and didn't work, I sent them many emails asking for refund and they did not reply to me, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THESE BS SCAMMERS.
  • Hi captchasio, can you fix the server? I subscribed yesterday but seems the service is down most of the time. I even can't login to the portal or go to the official site. thx
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    @billybala The server is fine now.. must have been a minor tweak on the datacenter...
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    edited May 2020
    200 Lifetime Threads ONE-TIME Payment to Solve UNLIMITEDLY!

    CAPTCHAs.IO has decided to give its users and every developer an offer that would help them greatly with their CAPTCHA automation projects and applications for a lesser cost.

    End-users and developers can now enjoy UNLIMITED solves with 200 threads for just the cost of a ONE-TIME payment of $99.95 USD fixed price.

    To order please email


  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    reCAPTCHA solving time is now 10 to 120 seconds and price rate has gone up now starting at $22 a month with 5 threads. See for more details.
  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    300 Threads w/ UNLIMITED Solves Only for $199.95 USD!

    I'd like to offer you another round of special offer. We have now the MEGA #1 special package. This package is highly different from those that are offered currently in our site.

    This package is a big budget saver. You can enjoy 300 threads for just $199.95 USD a month and it comes with UNLIMITED daily solves too...


    1. 300 Threads
    2. UNLIMITED Daily Solves
    3. 20 Elite Proxies

    To subscribe just go to

    God bless!

  • captchasiocaptchasio Philippines
    As of today August 1, 2020 has launched its support for solving hCAPTCHA. The API has been updated so please check it... thanks!

    Please read this article at
  • Now accepting Credit Card payments.
  • Caroline12Caroline12 North America
    Hi,how can i purchase?
  • Please just go to and click on Prices then Subscribe...
  • Please go to and choose from the available packages.
  • websubmitterwebsubmitter Cebu City, Philippines

    NEW OFFER: CAPTCHAs.IO's Private Dedicated API

    Reliable Dedicated Private API for faster reCAPTCHA and Image CAPTCHA Solving

    Your very own reCAPTCHA / CAPTCHA private API CAPTCHA solving access server. With unlimited threads and API calls. This is a dedicated server which we will install latest CapMonster Pro. Running with 20 threads of CapMonster Pro (latest version) with 1 year subscription and could handle 2000 captchas/minute load speed. Supported CAPTCHAs are reCAPTCHAs v2, v3, and invisible with 100,000++ normal image CAPTCHAs.


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