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DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited February 2019 in GSA Website Contact
Good day, GSA pplz. :)

Any way to turn on tallying for this?

Like, I'd like to group my projects and have tallies of all categories, as they're all essentially sub-parts of the same project (as in SER).

(I like keeping projects divided finely, possibly more than I need to, so far at least, to test and see results with different ways of setting up search terms and use of Google AND/OR in searches (new to me).

I can also run projects at the same time and get more precise results in a table, a far as which KW combos are best to try more of, and which KWs I'd like to focus on at the moment.  I know this can be done simply by unchecking the KWs I don't wish to process...but this also means I can do scrapes for one, posts for another, etc...
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