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help ! Verified links problem ?

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I created a campaign with name TEST1 (use url Ex:
Used only 3 Engine (Buddy press , Mediawiki, Moodle) for this
After scraping data from Gscraper, I did target 5000 urls for my campaign
after that I got only 500 verified links from them.. NOP

On the
other hand , I created Secong campaign With Name Test2(use another Url Ex:

Here I Used Same platform
like Test1 (Buddy press , Mediawiki, Moodle)

Now I did target only 500
verified links which I got from my Test1 campaign.
but I just got 10 verified
out of 500 verified. I was shocked to see this result .
I am not able to
investigate the right reason.

While all these 500 links should be
Because these links already have been verified from Test1.

just want to know the reason behind that. Why happened all this ?

Your answer will be appreciated 
Thank you


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    are you using proxys or same ip?
  • Yes, I am using same proxies for same IP .
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    This happened to me as well.. First i took all my verified URLs and removed duplicate domains and had 9000 URLS i had previously submitted to. Took them and imported them into SER... ran campaign and got 2,500 links... did the same again last night with the same 9000 again (with the same proxies) and only got 250?!

    Now i know im using the same proxies, but that's a bit a bit low i think?!

    I've also been using a catchall domain on this project
  • I have same problem. I have 100 proxies in my GSA. But i shocked why my new camp. not able to make back link in same sites which has approved backlink of my other camp.

    @Leeg can you please help us :)
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