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How many emails do I need to run a campaign?

I am putting links to my youtube channel to get videos rankings.

I would run one campaign for each video, and I want to put at least 50 links per day..   

I would continue to build 50 links to the next video, and then the next, and keep rotating it... 

Do you think that is too little links for youtube?  right now my channel only has 1200 subscribers and I am getting  about 500 minutes per day. 

What are your recommendations? 


  • SvenSven
    Depends on:
     - How many accounts you want to create per site? -> amount of accounts = amount of emails
     - Do you put all videos in one project? Else each project needs it's own email account
  • I see....  I wouldn't mind having one account per site, and then post one link to my youtube channel and one link to my web page.. maybe post once a day in 50-100 site. For now I am only promoting my YouTube videos (My entire channel about 40 vids) and my website with about 40 pages...  I want to build backlinks for all the different pages with different keywords.  If a single website allows me to place 80+ links, one link per day, then I wouldn't need so many emails.
  • SvenSven
    I also recommend you to read some of the SEO tutorials if you haven't already.
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