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Problem in local language article posting (non-english) - content not generated


i am using ser to post in local language. i translated articles in scrapebox and added titles and content in local language without any spin. Now the problem is that ser is not making articles - it is just using local language keyword to make backlink. I mean there is no content whatsoever - just a link. i have also attached a screenshot. the screenshot is supposed to be a blog post with 3000 words article with 3 backlinks and about 40 tag-inserts. i even checked preview at bottom (all articles mix sentense preview) and it doesnt show any content or even titles. preview at right side of ser shows both (single-article preview)

perhaps i am doing something wrong in some settings - but all my english projects are working just fine. additionally, a full stop in english is "|" in local language so i replaced | with . - so there should not be any problem now. no matter what setting i keep in article manager, there is problem in content

my guess:
is it possible that there is some character is not being recognized by ser and that is why it is not generating content?

frankly i could not get to a conclusion and i could not get ser working in local language. can someone help?


  • SvenSven
    What type of language is that in detail? Indonesian?

    Please provide the project backup for this. SER might just not be able to work with such kind of language where there are no spaces between words or no sentence endings.

    GSA Content Generator however should work fine here. Have you tried that demo version? It should generate you content very easily.

    I don't read that language so I am not really a help here. If you however can help to improve this as this is your native language, we might be able to improve things here.
  • Thanks for reply. I also experimented with GSA Content Generator (purchased). It "sometimes" works fine - but without any spintax. I translated with yandex API.

    However, i just found out that gsa ser also gives blank content on tumblr and wordpress with english language. Titles only are posted.

    The language is Hindi (national language of India). I also started with Punjabi today.

    I would love to share backups but only in private. I just messaged you google drive link.
  • SvenSven
    Thanks, I will have a look on Monday.
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