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How do I Sync XEvil With GSA

Hi guys, pls is there any special method to sync xevil to work on my gsa? i have downloaded the free version of xevil and hoping to use with gsa...pls any suggestions on how best to use the 2 tools together will be very much appreciated.


  • SvenSven
    edited February 2019
  • Thanks for the thread really was helpful and i think i was able to sync them together..if i need to get the best result with captcha service, is cb and xevil enough for my gsa projects or do i need to sub for other paid services?
  • xevil enough for your gsa projects! it's better 
  • SvenSven
    better as what? GSA Captcha Breaker? My tests don't show that t all. The results are awful. The only advantage is the recaptcha solving.
  • @sven not comparing the two in any ways, what im saying is that, if i combine the two tools CB and Xevil as my captcha solver, can i achieve a better results or do i still need to add another paid captcha service with the already mentioned tools. BTW, im using the free demo version, it that what everyone else is using???
  • seombunity thanks for your feedback...are you using the free demo?
  • @sven are you saying relying on those two tools alone (cb and xevil) is not enough?
  • @Coby_007 you can only rely on the two if you have XEvil 4 Beta. With the current XEvil 3.04 you get a product that works really well, but doesn't do re-captcha. With many (and specifically the more valuable) websites now moving to re-captcha, you either need that or an online service. 
  • @wolfvanween you are suggesting i add another third captcha service? if so, which do you suggest will do re-captcha? 
  • 2captcha or DeathByCaptcha work, I've heard about one other but haven't tried it.
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