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GSA setting + serocket list


I would need the help of the community

I work with GSA + captcha breaker + Serocket list + 10 proxy all running on a vps
I thought I would gain in speed and efficiency with a list but I'm a little disappointed even if I think my settings shouldn't be great.
I have a lot of messages no engine matches or download failed (return...)
the number of links created is really low 

do you see things to change? 


  • Can't anyone help me?
  • Nothing wrong on these two pages. How did you integrate the list? What about captcha solving? 
  • thank you for your answer 

    the list is integrated directly into search engines to use and for the captcha I use captcha breaker. 

    but when I right click on my project and "shows urls" and "shows stats about remaining target urls", I only have a number of 2? 
  • Something could be wrong there. 
    "integrated directly into search engines" means what? I don't use these serocket lists. Do they ask you to change where your verified directory points to, or do you have to import them as target URLs? If the latter, your "show stats..." should show 1000s, if they integrate via the 4 special directories, not. 
    But I would say these are clearly questions for the list provider's support.
  • @jjmm experiencing problems also!! I am now receiving 0 submissions an 0 verifications. Very frustrating when they charge $50 and support replies once a day with no help at all smh.
    interested to hear from you and possibly we can get through this :)
  • Maybe you guys should either get support or your money back? 
    50$ for a freakin' list is steep, given that you can get so much for a fiverr....
  • I am having a similar problem with SEROCKET lists. My LPM is 0.03!!!!!!! i have used there recommended settings too.
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