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What Is The Success Rate Of Using Semi Dedicated Proxies

Hi guys, can someone please tell me the possible success rate of using 10 semi dedicated proxies on 10 keywords with 2 tier links in your gsa project? i really hope my question is clear...


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    Success rate depends on a allot more than just proxies, it depends on whether you use a link list or using scrape, if you are using link list then it depends on the quality of the link list. If you are using scrape then it depends on whether you are using keywords with the scrape or just scraping the footprints.

    It also depends on the content and how much you have of it. More content more variations to post, if you are using syntax.

    It depends on your platform selection, are you posting comments or articles etc

    It depends on your settings under the GSA Project Options tab. What captcha solver are you using, do you have a text captcha solver as well, do you have a captcha solver able to solve Google Recaptcha V 2 -3

    There are many other filters and settings which will determine your success rate, so I am afraid only you nd the settings you set will determine the  success rate.

    I have a bunch of tutorial post on my site where you can go and read an get some direction on best settings to use -

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