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PI stuck on 'monitor' is this normal?

edited January 2019 in GSA Platform Identifier
I'm using a Scrapebox / PI setup where PI is monitoring the Scrapebox folder for file changes, it all started ok and was working well but for the past hour the PI project has been stuck on 'Monitor'.

I've checked the Scrapebox files and they're increasing in size so the files are changing but PI doesn't seem to be finding the changes. PI is using threads and says working, maybe it's frozen?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Under status does it say "working"? The problem we had in the past was that Scrapebox would like the files while its scraping, but if you used the scrapebox automator plugin, the files wouldn't be locked and Pi could monitor freely so that might be the issue. 
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