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Any one knows: How to integrate XEvil with GSA CB,

I keep getting "EMPTY REPLIES"
When i test to use it.
And the Xevil does not even run. captcha
Can any one make a video or tell me how to do it.
Thank you
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  • How did you setup the service? Which emulation? 
    Does Xevil work with Xrumer? 

  • i'm trying to figuring out, still not working with captcha breaker
  • SvenSven
    what does the xevil support say to this? I am not doing there job really. The API is there open for everyone and we support them.
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    This is their answer to me. I have tried to do with " 2captcha with API " but when i tested it, kept getting back "EMpty replied"
  • @hoakakashi16 from the little that you give us, we can't help really, apparently the same is true for the Xrumer support people.
    Let me outline the steps I am using, I hope this helps....
    1. Launch Xrumer - wait until it has fully loaded and is authorized
    2. Launch Xevil - check whether the connection with Xrumer works 
     -- lower left corner of Xrumer shows [XEvil is connected]
    3. (only if you have Xevil 4 Beta): in Xevil select Modules, ReCaptcha2 from the menu
    4. in Xevil select Service emulation / Settings, choose "2Captcha" from the dropdown and click "+Hosts"
    5. Change to the Monitoring tab and make sure that all 4 Points are green.
    6. Launch GSA Search Engine Ranker (not Captcha Breaker which you mention somewhere in your post above)
    7. Go to Options / Captcha
    8. Click Add and select ""
    9. type anything into the "Key" field (I think you can leave it free as well), set the "Retry" (min.3) etc. 
    I would also set the timeout to a higher value, I use 240 seconds,
    10. Click Test, Test Captcha, Internal
    11. Look at XEvil, it should show the captcha in the monitoring tab

    PS if you have the XEvil 4 Beta test, additionally
    12. Test , Test Captcha, ReCaptcha
    13. Observe the RCModule monitor, it should show the process of solving. Expect it to timeout, because Google throws a lot of stuff into the demo test. But as long as it's working, the connection is good.

  • Thanks for the thread really was helpful..if i need to use captcha service, is cb and xevil enough or i need to sub for other paid services
  • With CB and XEvil 4.0 Beta, and a well-equipped machine (8GB is the bare minimum), you don't need any outside services. Comes with a price tag, though.... So only you can tell how much you need. If 1k recaptchas on a service is say 2$ and normal captcha are 1$, you can buy 300k-400k captchas solved for the price of both. 
    There is of course also the question of speed: those two are far quicker than online services....

  • XEVIL 4. is a purchased 1 right?
    Iam trying to use 3 to know if it work then purchase a xevil 4
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    It would be awesome if you do a video about it.
    Thank you so much.
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