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Low Thread Count - Help needed

HelenaRHelenaR Bangladesh

I have 10 shared private proxies. I choose 100 thread. I'm using a verified link list and doing only submission ( no search engine/scraping).  At the very beginning thread count was about 50-60 thread. Which was ok. But after several hours thread count decreased dramatically. Now getting only 2-4 threads. It is frustrating since LPM/ submitted/verified all are now very low.

Active proxies is showing all 10 proxies are working and fine.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

Here is my setting.

-- High speed VPS 
-- cpu usage 0-1%
-- memory usage 280mb


  • SvenSven
    probably a cause of too few targets. Whats happening in log?
  • HelenaRHelenaR Bangladesh
    Sven said:
    probably a cause of too few targets. Whats happening in log?
    Thanks for your reply. In the log there are a lot of message like this - 
    download failed ( retured - sockerror; connection refused )
  • HelenaRHelenaR Bangladesh
    @sven Most of the download failed links don't open in my browser. However, I still cannot understand why the thread count decrease? Can you give me your insight on this.
  • SvenSven
    the targets are only from your site lists it seems and they are mostly used already I guess.
  • HelenaRHelenaR Bangladesh
    thread count dropped from 70 to 10-12 (after running about 3 hours).  anything i can do to increase back thread count?
  • SvenSven
    import some target urls you scraped from somewhere else maybe.
  • HelenaRHelenaR Bangladesh
    it seems when list runs out the thread count decreases. Previously I had only one project running. Now I've created 8 other projects based on same list. Now the tool is working for 6 hours straight on high performance...
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