[HELP] I Want Ask For Robots.txt Please Answer Me !

https://www.nawala.org/, http://internetsehat.id/ Does anyone know what website this robot uses? and what robot name? 
I really want the crawler not to crawl my website. because these crawlers block many websites in Indonesia. please help me in this matter.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2019

    Maybe create a test site that u know will get flagged, then monitor what bots visit prior to getting sandboxed????

    ht tps://www.naw ala.org/:   ht tps://dnsl ytics.com/ip/

    dunno if that will help u. Block the entire IP range?? Test first??!?!

    ht tp://intern etsehat.id/:

    found nothing but this:

    "Internet Sehat – Wise While Online, Think Before Posting"

    What if someone isn't "wise?" Do their site/post comments/etc. get sandboxed in your country? If so, is is JUST the offending comments or is it all future posts as well?

    Does the offender also get a sandbox treatment of a different type, say quickSAND? :|
  • Woa Thanks Dude I Try it Thanks hehe :)
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