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How to Integrate GSA Captcha Breaker with Xevil?

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Does anyone know how to integrate captcha breaker with xevil?


  • SvenSven
    Once you choose AntiGate in xevil, it should be possible to integrate it within CB with "Antigate API with IP".
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  • Looks like it is connected but I keep getting errors when trying to test a captcha on xevil.

    Screenshot below for reference.

    I'm using port 80 already with GSA CB. And using 8080 for xevil. Is there another port I should use?
  • SvenSven
    This is an xevil support thing I would say. What do they tell you?
  • For me Antigate hasn't worked - I believe something changed in their API that is just not emulated well. I use DeCaptcha as the bridge and it works fine.
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  • @wolfvanween Do you use Decaptcha API with IP or just Decaptcha in GSA CB?
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    @Cratos do you mean in GSA SER? I use DeCaptcha - just like that.
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  • SvenSven
    DeCaptcha was updated lately to support recaptcha v2 ... Im not sure they have added support for that already?
  • i Can't add xevil to CB even use decaptcha. i gave me answer when i test " empty replied"
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