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Page not indexed

Last day I purchased GSA indexer and submit only 54 links but none of link index. My previous BlackHat method more than 100 times better and index link within 2 hour. This method I do manual that's why purchased GSA indexer for automatically submit thousand of links. And GSA indexer almost dead. Its not working anymore.  I want refund my money.          

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    You expect a link to index way to fast. It's not 2000 anymore where you get it indexed that fast. Be a bit more patient!


  • orionshunorionshun United States
    My manual methods more than effective. I submit links only 30-35 site and index within hour and index rate 95% 
    I almost check GSA indexer and none of my links index and If I do its manual its index within hour 100% confident         
  • orionshunorionshun United States
    Its not good I want refund please 
  • SvenSven
    I wonder why you try something new then? A 95% index rate with 30 sites is very optimistic and I would not use anything else then.

    Indeed you can not expect that with GSA SEO works but on a longer run.
    Even though there is a demo version that you can try out before buying and the fact that you could have asked (you did but wasn't waiting for my reply) about the index rate, I accept the refund here. Good luck with your other magic method then.
  • orionshunorionshun United States
    When I try its said submit only 50 link so I think If i purchase I am able to purchase this I submit lots of link thats why I purchased its. And manual method take lots time to submit bulk  url so I think GSA working same time thousand of links and work great but not its failed ever seen. Same time my another post index my blackhat method but your method not working anymore. I already give you links
  • SvenSven
    you give me links? You judge on a index method after not even 24hours? Im not the one to judge on you but I don't see where your SEO skills are.
    Anyway the refund was issued and now please move on. Stop being that greedy.
  • orionshunorionshun United States
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