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"Captcha was rejected please check if valid image"

I am getting the above error while trying to test it with paigham bot. not sure if i need to contact them or you guys. I have closed everything and opened CB first and then Paigham. i get this error when testing connection. The actual "log" in the window says "expected ID for captcha status not found / DATA: {"version":"DBC/.NET v4.5","cmd":"user"
is there a specific user/pass i need to type into Paigham? I assume I make it up since its pinging my own pc. Or do I really need to have an account?


  • I also just tried to use my real info (forgot I had an acct lol) still same error
  • SvenSven
    I will check it later. However, this is only a "balance check"...the real captcha solving process should work fine no?
  • SvenSven
    4.01 should fix the issues. Please test and report back once released.
  • Great that did fix that issue. I wasnt sure if it worked because i didnt want to test it and waste captchas I thought it wasnt working.
    Anyway it looks like it is runing, but I am seeing something else odd but not sure if its CB or PB that would be the issue (if it is an issue). I keep seeing the same site being solved over and over and over and it ins't moving past it. It solves it correct. but keeps doing it. Hope it is not submitting to it dozens of times. But maybe it is PB bug.

  • SvenSven
    Ahh I see what you mean. But no, everything is just fine. The site you see in the log is not really the site it is submitting to, but the name of the captcha type.

    Whenever I add a new captcha type and don't know what to call it, I gite it the name of the site itself where I first found it.
  • haha ok phew! I thought maybe it could be a captcha type, but i didnt think that URL was a captcha lol. Thanks for clarifying. I'm getting tons of those lol. 
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