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Indexing speed? Wrong settings?

Hi there,
as I am not very familiar with the GSA Indexer I used the settings in the support video.
Now I am trying to index all the links from the last 6 month. The indexer is running for 6 hours now and from what I see, there are only 750 links indexed? I also use the GSA proxy scraper thatfore.
Is there something I am doing completly wrong?


  • SvenSven
    I don't see much use in a proxy here but thats a matter of taste I guess.

    Well what index time did you expected here? 6 hours and 750 already indexed doesn't sound that bad to me.
  • 6 hours and 750 indexed is good, u need more threads and more proxies and good pc and u will have about 3000-4000 indexed in that time frame
  • Ok, than this is normal. Will try with more threads. Thank you very much, guys!
  • Christian, don't forget that 1 URL indexed means hundreds to over 1000 requests being made, dependent on whether you chose full, custom or quick indexing. So your system probably has made 100k requests to the internet per hour, or 30 per second. That puts it into perspective, I think.
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