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Spinner Chief only word Spinning?

i need word, sentence and paragraph spinning from spinnerchief 5 ultimate in GSA CG. I only get word spinning.

Can you help me please?
what am I doing wrong?

second question:
how do i get different spin titles in an article text. is there a way to make this automaticly in setup?


  • SvenSven
    certain options of that API are just not added to the config as I didn't see any use in it.

    Paragraph or sentence spinning would do what in detail?
    Is it taking all sentences and making one big spin from it? It would destroy the article.

    To your second question: You can specify this in project options and define how many titles you want per article. This however will only be available once you export it then.
  • i have contact the spinnerchief support, because the API dont have Paragraph and sentence spinning, but web version has this function:

    Paragraph or sentence spinning:
    my idea:
    Spin every sentence in one Paragraph
    then spin every Paragraph

    i think the result is redable content

  • SvenSven
    OK lets make it with a sample:

    A Sentence 1. Another Sentence 2. And One more.

    What would sentence spinning look like? It should still have 3 sentences, else the article content in a whole would be just to less.

  • edited January 2019
    this spin result i need for your example: {sentence 1.|sentence 2|sentence 3} 

    and this for the complete part. but i think when you make the update (info via mail) from CG internal spinner we dont need this part from spinnerchief API

    {paragraph 1. {sentence 1.|sentence 2|...} | paragraph 2 {sentence 1.|sentence 2|...} |...} 

    + every x word in sentence (like every 5th or 10. word) or better capital letters within a sentence
  • SvenSven
    But that would in the end result in one sentence per paragraph.
    The input is still one article, and making several sentences from one is hardly possible.
  • oh, thats correct sven.

    now i dont have idea for mix random sentences.

  • i have found the right way to mix sentences and paragraph. it is shuffle function:

    I have no idea if this helps against duplicate content alone. I think it can be combined with spin.

  • SvenSven
    so basically it's about this syntax
    ~{sentence 1|sentence 2|sentence 3}
    That ~ sign will not randomly pick one of the combinations but all of them in random order. GSA products supports such syntax, not sure about others.
    Thanked by 1bigo
  • yes, shuffle function i only find in this article spinner tool: ArticleSpinningWizard. i think spinnerchief only can make normal spintax without shuffle like {sentence 1|sentence 2|sentence 3}. i am waiting for spinner chief support answer to get  sentence and Paragraph spin via API.

    so we can close this discuss and waiting that CG can make german spin syntax for sentences and paragraph with shuffle in the future :-)
  • Spinner Chief Support:

    I am sorry to tell you that.

    This function is not available in the api temporarily, but we will take your suggestion into consideration. Please wait for the news.

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