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Kindly guide me for the settings


I am just new to Gsa Ser. Kindly tell me how to add private proxies. also tell me  that at the place of url should i add main website url and when it asks website title, password and login should i need to give  main website admin and pass?


  • the proxies are easy
    in the bar below u will see a letter P
    its for proxies
    click on it and then a window iwll show up
    click on add
    import from clipboard of files
    then test ur proxies

    other info need lot of guides and i suggest u check

    we offer full gsa ser guides and custom project and setup with the largest available engines library and free linklists and over 218 million keyword to keep gsa ser working for ever

    or just follow instructions on this forum or on google
  • What do you charge?
  • support and guides are for free that come with that service
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