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So I am aware now that your domains can be spam blocked so you should use cheap domains thanks to loopline for that tip. I am wondering If this would work in our contact forms:
using a cheap domain such as and in the contact form, and if they click the link, forwards to (or maybe even another
Would this help the spam traps, or will 301/302 forwarding make the spam filters catch it?


  • looplineloopline
    This is exactly what I do.  Most spam filters take the url in the email at face value and do not resolve it to see where it forwards to. 

    So I use cheap tlds, like xyz, really whatever is onsale at my registrar. 

    Then use htaccess to 301 them to the money site and 301 them to the opt out site if that link is clikced. 

    Also you don't want your opt out site taking a spam penalty either as most laws require it to be up.  So like in the USA it has to remain active for at least 30 days after you send a campaign so you don't want the regisrar to take it down and that force you into legal trouble or something. 

    Only 1 time in the past year have I had a spam complaint go against my money site, when I was using forwarders.  I don't know if it was a person or a spam complaint filter or what, but so far this method works well. 

    Or just get an off shore host that doesnt' care about complaints, or both. I use both.
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