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* * FREE Captcha Server * *

ATTENTION! This might be a scam service and all users should be warned. Based on the research made by a forum member, we have banned this guy now as he was not really active here anyway and only spammed posts with his service. For history, we leave this topic open but closed.

Original post:

* Captcha Server *

Do you want to host your own captcha server? Earn money from customers who wants to auto solve captchas? This is it.. Make a website and an API interface and integrate the Captcha Server API, walla.. a new business!

We Provide A+ Captcha Solving Software For Better Captcha Solving Business.

Launch Captcha Server from any Windows OS servers and set the server IP and Port to make it available to endusers and developers alike.

Captcha Server has a very simple and straight forward API using the API format. API is easy to fork and develop your own captcha business.

Slash your captcha solving costs. Stop wasting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly.




  • whats system requirements for 100 captcha threats?
    What is free with this captcha solver? Your Website says you need to pay per 1000 captchas or do a monthly subscribtion fee...please explain
  • It is for the captcha solutions captcha solving engine which it uses
    Captcha solutions has a onetime payment offer and get to solve any captchas for free forever.
  • I bought this product and i am not happy at all.
    I was promised a refund in case i dont like the product, but later the owner told me he can not give refund cause he has no money on paypal.

    The product is advertised to include Audio Captcha and Fun Captcha, but at the moment this is NOT included.

    Owner advertised a solve rate of 99% but in reality its much less.

    Also, if you can not programm your own API there is no way to include your own proxies, instead you have to buy very expensive proxies from captchaserver company.

    Since HOURS the programmer is not answering, even if he is online in Skype.

    In my opinion this is a very bad product at the moment, DONT BUY!!!


    PS: Dear "Isnare", i might delete this review if you refund or solve the mentioned problems. Next time dont ignore me
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @farang123- If you used paypal to pay you should be able to open up a dispute and get your money back.

    I never approved this thread so I was going to delete it, but I will wait until you get your money back or the issue is resolved before deleting it.
    Thanked by 1farang123
  • Thank you Santos!
    Next time i will wait till you approved...
  • I found a lot of reviews about / here:

    Looks like this guy uses this forum to SCAM other GSA SER user for at least 1year already.

    Nevertheless, he is still allowed to SCAM here and by doing this, of course he is also destroying the good reputation of this forum.

    To protect other GSA SER users from the SCAM, i kindly ask for a LIFETIME BAN for this user and his low quality products.

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