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Content Generator has no URLs in the default sources

I just installed GSA Content Generator on my PC, and when I try to scrape for content, I get no results, even for very common terms.

I checked the sources, and in the URL section of each of the default sources, there is no URL.

If I try to add a source (custom), I get an error message

Adding screenshots.

-  No URL in default content sources;
-  Error after trying to add a url to a custom source:

I've been using Content Generator on my VPS since March, and I have also been able to add new custom sources.  Plus if I recall correctly the default sources came with URLs.

Any ideas?

Happy New Year!


  • SvenSven
    I think you misunderstood this completely. There is no need to edit the default sources. An URL should be present there by default and changing it is not a good idea. Please don't touch the default list of sources.

    The custom source however should not give you an exception. If you get this, please press the "send Bugreport" so I can check and fix it here.

    Though this would not help you getting any content I guess. Please send some of the log lines or attach a project backup for a closer look.
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