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Import Articles and Keywords in GSA Ser

i search for a easy way to import titles, articles, images, keywords (longtail, LSI...). i need setup informations for my developer that he can make import file for my gsa campaigns.

Which import file i can generate for GSA Ser and what are the exact format and fileds for import?

I think *:ser is the restore part but i need fomtat setup for this. Is there an other way like import from a URL or a file from internet?


  • SvenSven
    what you can do is the following:
    1. create a project inside SER as you want it.
    2. go to the project folder and check *.prj file
    3. as it is a simple ini file after all, your coder should have no issues coding a simple editor
    4. you can then put that *.prj file inside a zip and rename it to *.ser and can also use it as a backup that can be restored
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