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Same question that many others have had, I bought 5 title from GSA, now can't activate them

I had these working fine on my VPS.  But my VPS crashed.  So I moved them to my home computer.  But I get a dialog asking me to get an "Activation Code" from support.   

So I write support, I get this answer:

"Hello Ryan,

the activation code is delivered automatically and if that doesn't
arrive, you are probably blocking our license server (firewall/anti
virus program/host file/dns server).

Unfortunately I can not really help you find the cause as it's something
on your end blocking it.

Sometimes it helps if you reboot the PC, turn off the firewall or just
restart the program itself.

I hope you can figure it out in one or the other way.

With Best Regards

Sven Bansemer "

I have 5 titles, GSA SER, GSA SEO Indexer, GSA Content Generator, GSA Capture Breaker, and GSA Platform Identifier.
GSA Platform Identifier works after installed and registered, the other software does not.

I double checked everything.  I even made a video about it, and invited Sven to a Team Viewer Session.  

No firewall is active.  No anti-virus is active.  No entries in my host file.  I don't even know what a DNS server is, however in my connection settings, there is no DNS server indicated, it is just using whatever my Cable service uses.  

I can't understand why the software is asking me to write support for an activation code, but then support will not give me one?

This is my video:

At this point I have made it private, and I have only shared the password with Sven, because it shows my Serial numbers and sensitive data.   

I will blur that sensitive data out though, if I decide to share the video publicly.  It may help others who have had this problem in the future.

But everything support told me to check, I checked.   I even disabled the anti-virus and firewall (permanently) and restarted the computer.  I don't have anything fancy, just software firewall and anti-virus by Comodo.  There is nothing else that could be blocking it, as I have shown in the video.


  • SvenSven
    edited December 2018
    Problem solved! The issue was a wrong dns server and ipv6 setup on his network.
    For everyone else having issues alike, try using a dns server like or even for testing.
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