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SER Not Verifying Emails

At the last version i see many emails that are not being verified by Ser.
@Sven can you take a look at it ? 

Thanks in advance.

Here is an image of the account if you login via web. 


  • SvenSven
    the emails don't have to be tagged as read/not read when being in web interface. the pop 3 protocol does not have any setting for that.

    However, please send some log lines when the project runs in status "active (email verify only)" to review it.
  • @Sven thanks for the answer. I didn't know that the emails don't have to be tagged as read.. Thanks for the very fast reply.
  • set the project to verify email only
    it will understand that u finished registration and put all those to queue for login and submission ( well after verifying the email of course)

    the process of verifying the email will require that u go to email and set all to unread so it read them one by one
  • Thanks mate.
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