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How to repost comment in a same url

Hi, i make a campain for seeding comment in my tier 1 website. Everything work great except a problem. GSA SER do not repost comment in same post although i checked option "Allow posting on same site again". When i import my post, which i need post comment, again and GSA alert that "Already Parsed" for this target url. If i want post again, i need reset data and import target url again. 

So, i want to ask have any option or any solution / idea make GSA repost again in a target link? 

Hope your reply soon, 


Tuan Anh


  • SvenSven
    Thats pure spam and not what we will support here. If the software sees a link on a page already, it will not post the same thing there again.
  • kingbinkingbin Hanoi
    edited December 2018
    @Sven yeah i know it is spam and maby punch my website. So i wrote a special engines that will only post text in comment and no post any link. This engines is only for seeding campainm, make some feeback or some question about article or something like that,... So I think that is not spam in my case.

    But, if software is not support my idea, i think i will change my idea. Thanks you for reply. ^^
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