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Will not save correctly in CVS format

I had GSA pr emulator set to save CSV but saved in notepad text file I clicked on GSA execute file and reinstalled GSA pr emulator. it then saved in CSV format but the url pr data all in one box. I need to be able to just select the urls after I click data click format and put urls in the highest pr first. Then I can just select and copy the high pr urls for posting runs.
The program has been saving the URLs and PR information in separate boxes just fine. all of a sudden it refused to save in CVS format. After reinstalling it saves in CVS format but the url and pr are all in one box or line


  • SvenSven
    Reinstalling is nothing that will fix things at all. Attach the csv file please. However, I think the program you read it with is the issue. What is it?
  • Microsoft office 365.
    You are right as rain. 
    I have a subscription and have been running the 32 bit. I uninstalled Microsoft office 365 32 bit and installed Microsoft office 365 64bit. I then ran pr emulator on a file and it worked perfectly. Saved the URL and the pr ratings in separate columns. 
    Thank you very much
    I appreciate your help. It worked great.
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