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Xevil not working with GSA after update

So ever since an update to GSA a couple months ago(2.18) Xevil has ceased to work with GSA, whereas before it was working just fine.  Seeing how the problem appeared right after a GSA update, the issue seems to be caused by a change made to GSA.  I have tried all of the suggestions offered in this forum for this issue yet the issue still persists and many of us are unable to use xevil with GSA to this day.  I ask that the GSA team give a closer look to this issue so that we can all use xevil with GSA, which is undoubtedly the best solution for recaptcha solving.


  • SvenSven
    When you mean GSA as GSA Search Engine Ranker, then Im sorry but there was no update that was done on the captcha service that could have caused any issues with other services or tools.
  • will fix it for u manually on teamviewr later dont worry
  • @sven ur software work perfectly, dont worry, its only a setting problem and i will take care of it
  • @Mashafeeqi I'm able to solve image captchas with decaptcher or 2captcha emulation, but not text captcha. Is there a way for those?
  • it will be added on next update on xevil
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