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seo-rank CF,TF min 10

i have activate seo-rank with CF,TF min 10. then i save all CF,TF 10+ into new txt file. i have sent 6 URLs to seo-rank and get back 2 URLs into my new list.
URL 1 has CF 7 (not 10) CF 16 -> get save in new list automaticly
URL 2 has CF 3 (not 10) CF 20 -> not in my new list

what did I do wrong or misunderstand?

- i am interested to get CF 10+ and TF 10+
and in a second way (dropdown) to get
- one of them to 10+ CF or TF
and in a third way (dropdown) to get (i think my favourite)
- CF+TF=10+

Image: After PRE find notepad with the new txt file

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  • Accepted Answer
    oh sorry, i have found the problem: Filter PR>1 was activated
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