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how can export the scraped results?

javadthjavadth usa
edited December 2018 in Need Help
I created a project in GSA, now I want to just export the scraped URLs.
for example, if I mark the " blog comment " GSA just gave me the urls that it founds and doesn't submit my project on that blogs and comment boxes.
now it shows option after submitting or verifying but i want to export or see url before submitting my website in them


  • SvenSven
    you might want to use the project status "Active (search only)" which will collect all new URLs and you can review them in right click->show urls->remaining target ursls.

    Then modify the list and change status to Active to submit to them.
  • @Sven hi

    is it before the submitting my project in scraped urls or after that ?
  • SvenSven
    what you mean?
  • i just want to save the URLs that GSA ranker scrape when i mark the blogs or indexer or guest booksand dont submit my website or prjoect url in them
  • SvenSven
    then you should use the different project status to only search and not submit.

  • @sven is it possible in GSA ranker ?
  • SvenSven
    On your past scraped URLs, it's not unless you use site lists (on by default=). Then the URLs have been added there (options->advanced->site lists...).
    Else fro future URLs, simply turn your project to Search Only as status.

  • where is this option ? " Search Only  "
  • SvenSven
    right click on project->status->...
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