Feature Request: Export Submitted Report INCLUDING all other columns from csv file

Currenlty, we could import a csv file with data to use these data in the messages we are sending. But when it comes to exporting the results of the submission, I could only get the URL of the contact form page

This means that If I want to follow up with these contacts that I have already submitted a webform message by other means like  robo dialers, phone call,mail,etc. (multi touch segment) ,I need to do vlookups formula with my contacts excel list to be able to match the contact that we have already submitted a webform message. (and even this is not always possible, if the contact page url is on a different domain that what I originally had in my list) 

this is very difficult and time consuming. 

I think it would be a very beneficial to be able to export the list of URL that form was submitted for INCLUDING ALL THE OTHER data columns.  I imagine this is not such a hard thing to implement as the software anyway has all the other data columns mapped to URL

Can this be added to future releases? 


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    When exporting, you get asked if you want to export the csv data as well.
  • wow! 

    I didn't realize that I can chose to export that as csv . it showed  wcf so i thought its some sort of internal database to be able to import again into the software. 

    Thanks so much. now its for sure the best software outthere . 

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